Tablecloth Classification

First, it is classified according to the production process.

Plastic: PVC tablecloth, EVA tablecloth, PEVA tablecloth, hot stamping tablecloth, cotton substrate PVC tablecloth, PP tablecloth, etc. polyethylene tablecloth, cast film tablecloth.

Textile: polyester cotton slub printed tablecloths, polyester cotton knitted lace tablecloths, pure cotton mercerized mesh tablecloths, polyester warp knitted jacquard tablecloths, pure cotton mercerized jacquard tablecloths, polyester cotton flat woven tablecloths, polyester cotton flat woven embroidered tablecloths, linen knitted lace tablecloths, polyester flax fabric, VS tablecloth, and star silk tablecloth.

Two, according to the scope of use, such as table rounded table cloth, table square flat tablecloth, tea table round panicle tablecloth, bedroom bedside lace tablecloth, bedroom tea table rectangular panicle table cloth, bedroom bedside table cloth, bedroom table square panicle table. There are also round table disposable non-woven tablecloths.

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