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The customers send vector diagrams of products informs of AI, JPG and PDF to our company's mailbox.
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1. The customers send vector diagrams of products informs of AI, JPG and PDF to our company's mailbox. The products’ requirements should be explained in words and in case of any special requirements for the color, please indicate the colors number or PANTONE for color modulation.

2. Our factory will make a quotation according to your inquiry.

3. Both parties having reached the cooperation agreement, the buyer pays make-sample charge, and the factory produces samples within 3-5 days. Make-sample charge can be returned in case of bulk production!

4. Buyer confirms whether the sample is qualified.”

5) Screen printing discharge. Disperse dyes are more difficult to discharge than other dyes, of which the key is the supply of high-temperature equipment and thermal energy. Meanwhile, it has higher technical requirement for preparation of colorants, and the use of additives shall be accurate. Discharge is to hydrolyze the color at printing part into white at the high-temperature condition with deep-color polyester fabrics and through the printing paste additives. Discharge is divided into white and colored discharge. For example, the flag of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is white discharge while Chinese national flag is colored discharge. In printing of white discharge, the carrier paste must be resistant to various chemical additives, the amount is about 70%, stannous chloride (whitening agent) 6%-8%, citric acid 0.5%-1%, whitening Agent 1%-2%, urea 3%-5%, and adding water to synthesize 100%. The pigmented paste for colored discharge is basically made by adding a dispersion-resistant disperse dyes based on white discharge prescription. Of course, there are many requirements in the specific operation. High temperature color fixing has the similar conditions with direct printing fixing conditions, and the best conditions can be selected according to local conditions.

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